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All HR Maxim services include HR Consulting Services for small to large employers. We can provide an Employer Record Retention Guide and a list of HR laws that apply to your organization, which is based on your number of employees.
  1. HR Now
    Get access to an HR professional when you need them. HR Maxim can give critical advice while ensuring adherence to relevant and ever-changing employment laws. This service is billed at an hourly rate, or you can subscribe to one of our affordable monthly plans. Please contact HR Maxim to get a customized plan that fits the needs of your organization. Additionally, all of our offerings can be purchased á la carte.
  2. HR Pitfall Audit Package
    An HR Pitfall audit reviews the Top 5 HR Pitfalls. The specific audit areas include application form review, Form I-9 compliance, payroll analysis (with a focus on FLSA compliance), employee handbook review, and implementation of the three file (green, yellow, red) HR Maxim best practice system for employee file maintenance. HR Maxim provides the resources to make necessary changes and assists in adhering to HR best practices.
  3. HR Complete Audit Package
    An HR Complete Audit includes an in depth analysis of the HR function and identifies areas of strengths and weaknesses and where improvements may be needed. The output of the audit is an identification of the gaps between what is required and what is being done. HR Maxim provides the resources to make necessary changes and assists in adhering to HR best practices.
  4. Employee Relations
    HR Maxim reviews your current handbook and makes recommendations for updates, inclusions, or exclusions. If you currently do not have a handbook, HR Maxim can create one that meets the needs of your organization. We can also develop a progressive disciplinary policy that does not void at-will employment. HR Maxim can provide an array of forms for utilization and develop performance appraisal systems that reflect accurate employee evaluations. Additionally, HR Maxim specializes in developing accrual and fixed rate paid time off (PTO) policies.
  5. Regulatory Compliance
    HR Maxim strives to keep you compliant by offering Form I-9 audits, employee file audits, and making sure you have accurate and up to date labor law posters. Depending on the number of individuals you employ, different laws apply to your organization. HR Maxim identifies the laws that apply to you. Whether it be ADEA, ADA, FMLA, Title VII, FLSA, etc... - HR Maxim can provide the information you need and help you with compliance.
  6. Payroll Analysis
    HR Maxim reviews payroll and looks for key oversights. A few of these oversights are deductions not coded accurately as pretax or post tax. Employers sometimes take deductions without signed authorizations. If deductions are for the benefit of the employer, the deduction cannot decrease the hourly rate below minimum wage. The calculations of overtime seem simple-1.5 for anything worked over 40 hours, but other factors can increase the overtime rate. Employers must calculate overtime the FLSA way to stay compliant. HR Maxim can help solve these conundrums and identify others not previously mentioned.
  7. Hiring and Termination Guidance
    HR Maxim completes thorough job analyses that generate well written job descriptions. We review your application packet and make sure that it is compliant and provides all the necessary new hire forms. HR Maxim also provides interviewing best practices, especially in regards to what you may and may not ask candidates. HR Maxim provides termination best practices and termination guidance. We can also assist with UIA correspondence.
  8. Workplace Investigations
    Complaints or misconduct must be investigated to protect your business from litigation. Whether it be theft, sexual harassment, hostile work environment, or wrongful discharges, employers must be proactive. HR Maxim performs the investigation, identifies witnesses and conducts interviews, prepares a report of the findings, and recommends plans of action.